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*All products offered, subjects to

1st  ONE partner, one country :  The manufacturer and us, will solely work with ONE party in each country/ region for each product we offer, in view to develop a sole-agency relation for future.

2nd Warranty : (in case of  proven factory defect only )

  1. for smaller items, it will be a one for one exchange, FedEx / freight born by sender.
  2. For larger product, Servicing training at factory for servicing could be arranged.

          (OR 4 most user-friendly mode, please enquire for details).


The World is fast changingˇK

nCell phones. (source IDC Jan 2004 ) 2003 , 4th quarter sales  increased by 29.7%, to 0.1678 Billion units. 2003 increased over 2002, 23% to 0.5334billion sets. Nokia 33% Motorola 13%. Samsung and Siemens take 3rd and 4th position in market sharing globally

n2004 : Matsushita Elec. pushes out a new foldable E-book, , with storage capacity of 20 books  2004 May Sony will be out with a 100-book capacity E-book.   2002 E-book sales in JPN was Yen 1 billion. It is expected that a 40% annual growth  and by 2005, it will reach Yen 18Billion.(only Japan market ) HUGE DEMAND ON HI-Capacity MEMROY CARDS

nLatest digital camera, Sony F828, , and Canon 300D works well with our driveˇK.Soon, the latest , Nikon  8700  (F828 and 8700 , 8 mil. Pixels)

nCLICK CHARGE : today, this is oftenly heard in the conventional photo industry. A last card.. I so feel.

n2 large world famous brand, signed up with Micro Drive factory, making OEM ..already

n2003 In Germany alone, sales of memory cards surpassed 350 Mil. Euros / 6500000 pcs sold




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