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Unit Type:

Electro Dynamic Round Type Micro Speaker

Frequency Response:

50Hz - 20KHz




16 Ohm

Nominal / Maximum Power:

0,002W / 0,015W


317 grams


3 meters


3 x 3.5 mm



   PC Game-Wave 144 詳細測試報告, 大獲好評:



  「當把它戴上時, 立時感到跳進了二次大戰當中(雷霆救兵)! 那小小耳筒居然能分出子彈向左射, 向右射, 戰機由由前方飛向後面, 而且分音清晰, 層次分明及無雜音!」



So the expert Comment: The most astonishing features about these headphones are that they do not provided virtual sound(DSP1), they provide real surround sound where the surround field is being reproduced from a complete multi-channel speaker system with separate front, rear and center channels. Excellent fidelity, enhanced localization of on-screen sound. There is no other headphones on the market with 6 discreet channels that I a awared of.
Fastland HW: The sound produced by these headphones is very clear and very well rounded between the highs, mids and lows. Perfect balance. Bass reproduction was perfect. They provide Awesome sound in music, gaming and movies.


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